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The Tomb…the Womb,..a Solar Eclipse and an Earthquake..!

March 30, 2024

…A Strange Dream; Divine Revelation; The Tomb, the Womb, a Solar Eclipse and an Earthquake — A Call to Intercession and Prophetic Declaration

Friends, I want to share a strange yet very powerful and poignant Dream with you that I feel is Important to share at this time.

This is a Dream that has many prophetic layers to it, that can speak to a number of things but for now I will only share and submit the aspects that I believe are absolutely necessary for the purpose of Prayer in this hour.

So, I had a powerful Dream early hours of the morning, (March 30 — 30/3) and I woke from this Dream encounter at 3:33 (which I believe is prophetically significant)!

Ezekiel the Watchman for Israel
1Son of man, speak to your people and tell them: 2‘Suppose I bring the sword against a land, and the people of that land choose a man from among them, appointing him as their watchman, 3and he sees the Sword coming against that land and blows the ram’s horn to warn the people…4then if anyone hears the sound of the horn but fails to heed the warning, and the sword comes and takes him away, his blood will be on his own head.” Ezekiel 33:1-4.

The Dream:

So in the Dream, I was standing in a strange place in the realm of The Spirit, a place where the fragrance of Sweet Oil and Spices filled the atmosphere.

Now as I Stood in this place, I immediately began to pray, and I heard these Words as a gentle whisper, “The Tomb was a Womb that brought forth Resurrection Life and Light into the deep Darkness!”

On hearing those Words, I knew, I was standing in an Ancient Tomb, which was likened to me as a (Womb) deep within the realms of Creation.

But I also knew in the Dream, that I was about to be shown something that would take place over The Nations in the coming days.

I knew by the Spirit of Revelation, that this place I was in was where the Sound of all of Creation can be heard groaning — where all of Creation listens and responds to the Words of the Great Creator — and a place where what is Decreed and Declared by the Sons and Daughters, is built and established in the Spirit and made manifest in the Earth Realm!

A place where the Words of Life and Death are birthed by the Power of our Tongues. This was a place where Life and Death over Nations was determined by the Prayers and Proclamations of The Saints!

I knew, that I had been taken to this place, and into this Sacred Place to begin to Govern and Legislate through Intercession, and that I was to begin to Decree and Declare Life, Light and Freedom over the Nation of America and The Nations of the Earth.

This was a Place where the Mantles of Governmental Power and Authority Change the Course of Nations!

Now, as I stood in this powerful place, which was surrounded by a deep darkness, it was so dark that not even a glimpse of light could be seen.

But there was No Fear in this place — but only The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD rested in that place.

I could feel a great weight of the Glory of The LORD round-about me, and a strange sense of Anticipation and Expectation began to rise within my Spirit, when suddenly, my eyes caught the tiniest glimmer of light beginning to break through the darkness of that place (Tomb/ Womb).

And as a glimmer of light began to break through the deep darkness, I stepped a little closer in the Dream, and the light began to get brighter and brighter, and then a small circle of light began to appear and started coming towards me.

Now as I kept watching in the Dream, I saw the small circle of Light become a very large and distinct Ring of Fire, that only became more and more intense!

And I heard these Words, ”The Year of the Open Door, the Year of the Tomb that will speak of Judgement and the Year of the Womb that will Speak Birthing!”

On hearing those Words, suddenly the Dream shifted and it was as if I was now watching the coming Solar Eclipse that is happening over America.

But as I kept watching, suddenly, a great and violent Shaking began to happen in the Dream, and I felt the ground beneath my feet beginning to move and shift, and the ground moved with such violence that I felt as if I was standing on Water and I could feel the Waves of the Sea swirling beneath my feet!

In that moment, I knew by The Spirit that a great Earthquake was going to suddenly take place on the Earth, and so I immediately began to Pray.

I went into deep and fervent intercession in the Dream, as I knew that a great Earthquake was coming to The Nations and that the Waters of the Sea would be violently stirred up and that great devastation and destruction would come if I did not begin to pray.

Now, as I cried out for The Nations, I heard these Words, ”Cry Mercy! Mercy!

For Mercy is the tap-root of the Foundations of Covenant Nations!

I say: Cry Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!”

And then I heard these Words, ”Watch!” and there was a violent Earthquake — for an Angel of The LORD came down from Heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it!

Now as I heard those Words, the Spirit of Revelation showed me, that I was not just being shown a Solar Eclipse as the moon moves between the earth and the sun — but I was also watching and being shown as a sudden Earthquake took place, as The Angel of The LORD came down and the stone was being rolled away from the entrance of the tomb!

Friends, In this strange Dream, again I knew by Revelation that what I was watching and being shown was not just “Two Historical Events Unfolding!”

One that has already taken place — but one that was yet to take place!

I was being shown powerful and prophetic parallels that demanded my full attention.

I was being shown Two Events that were intertwined with one other, in their both their Spiritual and Prophetic Significance!

I was being shown a Prophetic Timeline for the purpose of Prayer and Intercession for the Days ahead.

I was being shown an Ancient Tomb and a Womb — a Place of Death — and yet a Place where Life and Light bursts forth!

I was being shown a sudden and great Earthquake — that would violently Shake the Nation and that would bring many Nations to their knees in one day!

Friends, listen! I hear a Clarion Call for the Ecclesia — the Governing Sons and Daughters of God — to arise and begin to Legislate through Prophetic Decrees and Declarations — to fervently seek His Face in this Hour in True Repentance — and to begin to cry out for Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!

And to cry out that God would Remember His Covenant!

Friends, this Dream comes as a powerful reminder of the Spiritual Battle that is raging over the Destiny of Nations — a Battle that is taking place in the heavenly realms for the Birthright and Allotted Kingdom Inheritance over Nations, and the importance of our Prayers and Intercession in this critical time.

We are called to be Watchmen on the walls, to stand in the gap for our Nations and cry out for Mercy in the face of Judgment.

Lastly, let us heed the call to fervent Prayers of Repentance on behalf of our Governments and Nations, to seek The Face of The LORD, and stand in the Authority He has given us as His children.

Let us declare Life, Light, and Freedom over our Nations, knowing that our Words have the Authority and Power to change the course of History.

As we face the days ahead, let us remember that we serve a God of Mercy and a Covenant Keeping God, a God Who hears the cries of His people and responds with Grace.

Let us stand firm in faith, knowing that even in the darkest of times, His light will shine through and bring forth resurrection life.

May this Dream serve as a Rallying Call for us to come together in Unity and Prayer, to lift up our voices and hearts to The LORD, and to declare His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

For in Him, we have the Power to overcome every trial and tribulation, and to see His glory revealed in ways we never thought possible.

Let us be bold, let us be strong, and let us be faithful in our Prayers and Prophetic Declarations.

For we are called for such a time as this, to be the light in the darkness, the hope in the despair, and the love in the midst of chaos.

Our prayers matter, our voices matter, and our faith matters.

Let us rise up and let us stand together in the Power and Authority of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…


Date of Dream 30/3 & Time of Dream 3:33 Ezekiel 33:3 !

“When he sees the sword coming upon the land, if he blows the trumpet and warns the people,” Ezekiel 33:3.

Prophetic Parallel — Solar Eclipse — Stone Rolled Away!

The Rolling away of the Stone (Stone representing the Moon) and the Bright Light that was Breaking forth into the deep darkness was the Sun — Son (The Light of the world; The Resurrected Son coming forth from the darkness of the tomb!).


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

See Link;Veronika West;

The Tomb…the Womb,..a Solar Eclipse and an Earthquake..!

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